I give all my heart My loving Mother, my loving Father {world mission society church of God}

Those who love God will never betray Him even if He does not pay them much for their work or does not give them a high position.
Judas Iscariot did not have the love of God in his heart.

He loved money more than God.

Let us walk the path of faith by loving God wholeheartedly and following Him till the end, as Peter did.

If we realize the love of God and always think about what we can and should do to repay God’s love,we will not be foolish like Judas Iscariot.


My loving Mother, my loving Father

Mother is the spring of love.
Mother is the field of love.
Mother is the tree of love.

The spring, which the deepness cannot be measured,does not dry.
The field, which the area cannot be known, is always fertile.
The tree, which its size cannot be assumed,
has no time without being fruitful.

Though as a woman she is tremendously weak,
as a mother, she is incredibly strong.
She is the waterfall of love.

The waterfall, that flows down eternally.
It always lowers our heads in front of that ‘mother’s love.’

My son!
Have you ever had a moment to think about father’s loneliness?
Have you ever investigated about the existence of father?

Father is the root of life.
Have you ever thought of father’s misery remaining silent in front of rugged obstacles?

Father is not a superhuman.
But father’s strong will would never break.
Perhaps the root of life hidden in his body is strong.

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God ,wonderful Counselor , who has come in the flesh –Christ Ahnsahnghong

Everything God does contains an amazing counsel that is beyond all human human  imagination.

God put the tree of the knowledge of  good and evil in the Garden of Eden and made Adam and Eve eat from the tree,by using the setpent that He had created to tempt Eve.

All this was in accordance with God‘s wonderful and marvelous administration for our redemption.

It was also in accordance with the counsel of God that He came in the flesh.

God had already foretold in the Bible that He would come in the flesh, and He came as prophesied.

However, strangely and ironically enough, those who claimed to believe in God did not recognize Him.

 Truly God is Wonderful Counselor.

He is Jesus christ and He is Christ Ahnsahnghong.

Christ Ahnsahnghong cmae to the Earth as bible testified by GOd.

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How can we go back to heaven?

Then how can we go back to heaven ?

We were expelled from heaven because of our sins. So we can go back to heaven when our sins are forgiven .

Without the forgiveness of our sins we can never go back to heaven .

To forgive our sins,God Himself came to the earth.

Then what is the way God opend to forgive our sins?

In other words,how can we receive the forgiveness of our sins?

According to the bible, Christ Ahnsahnghong give to us salvation and eternal life.

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Why do we come to the earth??

Actually we were angels in the heaven through the bible we can know

Job 38:1~4 Then the Lord answered Job out of the storm.

                 He  said …”Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation? Tell me, if you understand”

Job 38:21 “Surely  you know ,for you were already born! You have lived so many years!”

When do the words,”already born,” refer to?

They refer to the time when God laid the earth’s foundation,that is,when God created the earth.

                 Who tells us this truth??

               Christ ahnsahnghong!!

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I wanna know heavenly mother futher more!

I met  some members of world mission society church of God.

They approached me then told me ” Have you ever heard about God the mother?”

I never heard about it so I had just ignored but they explined about God the mother.

Genesis 1:26~27  Then God said ,” Let us  make  man in our image, in our likenss, and let them rule over the …along the ground

…  So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him;male and female he created them.

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